Robert Frost said that good fences make good neighbors, but when you live in the suburbs, you are sometimes so close that a fence makes no difference. Of all the photos I took of last weekend’s snowstorm, I’m choosing this one because it shows the essence of our neighborhood.

After the storm passed, everyone came out to start the big dig. But no one did it alone. One neighbor owns a snow blower, and that went up and down the driveways and sidewalks on our block all day. You can see the plume of it on the right hand side of the photo. The cars were snowed in by and covered by drifts, but each one was shoveled out as a team effort. Bottles came out and shots were had (for the purpose of keeping warm, of course).

Sometimes we lose touch in the winter when we are all tucked snug inside our houses against the cold and the dark, but it only takes one good snowstorm to reconnect and make the day turn from a chore, to a chilly party.

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