Lap size

When I work on a large project, there is always a point where it feels as though no progress is being made. I tend to forget this every time I start a new afghan. The first few inches seem to work up quickly, then it hits a point where no matter how much you hook, it feels like it is not getting any larger.

I’ve been trying to get at least 3 rows done on this each day. Sometimes I have the time for more, but other days that is all I can manage. I had been measuring it a lot, but since this pattern is single crochet, even 3 rows did not add a lot of length to it. (This is the point where, even though I love the pattern, I vow to only make afghans with double crochet in the future. I have made this vow before, eventually it will stick.)

Finally it has reached a point where it covers my lap when I am working on it. It is only about half way complete, but sometimes you need to have these milestones along the way to keep the momentum going. Β This is giving me hope it will continue to progress, and is a good reminder to tuck the measuring tape away for a few days at a time. It feels so much better to see hit has grown by 10 inches rather then one at a time.