We ended up getting the snowstorm the weather forecasters promised. Although Philadelphia was supposed to bear the brunt of it, cities to the north and south actually had it worse. We ended up with about 24 inches (60cm) of snow, which was more than enough!

The storm was actually classified as a blizzard, something we do not get here very often. Despite the high winds, and over 24 hours of snow, we kept our power and stayed snug and warm. Sunday was clear and sunny and spent digging out, but Saturday I hunkered down and worked on my snowstorm project.

I got most of the way through, with just a little bit to finish up on Sunday morning. I made this at a friend’s request. You may have seen the pattern making the rounds on the internet last week. It is not something I would normally have made; sometimes it is good to have friends who push you to try something new.  The pattern was pretty easy. The third row of each braid strand was a bit fiddly, which slowed it down some and cause a little bit of hand ache.

This was made with Big Twist yarn, a first for me, and I can report back that it was a good choice. It did not split easily (important for this pattern), and I was able to use less than one skein.