Oops! I missed a couple of weeks.

This picture was taken at a craft retreat. These are a few of the women who hold an important place in my life. They all have different interests, but love to make things. At this moment there is sewing, knitting (well, interpreting a knitting pattern),  and scrap booking happening.

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I know in some cultures it is rude to show the soles of your feet, and I apologize for any insult from this photo.  For me, hanging out with friends in stocking feet and comfy pants is a real treat.

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In early November, on a mild day, the last few bees are still out. Their search for flowers is harder now, but I’m happy to provide them with a few remaining marigolds that may just have some pollen for them.

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The strangest creatures hang out in the neighbors’ yards around Halloween.


I don’t think I have ever bought ric rac, yet it seems to have found a way into my house. You can’t see it, but there are SIX unopened packaged of green in three different sizes.  It looks like I need to find some project which requires generous amounts of the stuff.

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The leaves are late to change here this year. We are finally getting the brilliant yellows and reds in the maple and dogwood trees. The oak trees  went straight to brown, are furiously shedding their leaves,  and are raining acorns. Sometimes they are helped when a squirrel will drop one down on your head if you linger too long under him.

These are the leaves meant to be walked through. The ones that make the crisp, crackling, satisfying crunch. The ones so thick you can no longer see the ground. You may look up to admire the colors in the other showy trees, but the sturdy oak provides the sound track of autumn.


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I’ve been spending much of this year sorting and cleaning out the house where husband’s parents lived. While it is strange, and quite a bit sad,  going through everything there have been a few treasures uncovered.

I may have a different view of treasure than other people.  Some of the best finds have been an old 10 gallon sauerkraut crock, vintage sewing supplies, the bulbs I dug our of the garden beds and a small stash of old books that had belonged to my Mother-in-Law when she was a child.

As a fellow Nancy Drew fan, this came home with me. By the time I was old enough to enjoy Nancy’s sleuthing adventures in the 1970s, the illustrations had changed. This book was published in 1934 and I never had pictured Nancy’s convertible as having a rumble seat.

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I’ve used this photo on the blog before, but I love it, so it is being recycled for the challenge.

I have four tins of old buttons that have been given to me. Two were from my grandmother, and the other two were from friends who were cleaning out their own grandmothers’ houses. I love the fact that they are all old candy tins.

I used to avoid using them, thinking they were too precious. But now, whenever I need a button for a project, I pull out a large pan with sides and they get dumped, creating a beautiful, chaotic mess of color and texture.

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I’m not sure where this week went. It’s been hectic here, but that meant looking through my vacation photos from years gone by was good therapy.

I often lie on the ground and take pictures up through the branches of trees. Sometimes the branches are bare. Sometimes it is the dark green of an evergreen against a brilliant blue sky.  There aren’t any palm trees where I live, so seeing them always means I am somewhere far from home and warm.

This was taken in 2013 in Puerto Rico.

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I bought this piece of indigo fabric years ago at a craft show. Just a single yard. I’ve always loved indigo. The deepest blue, so dark it is almost black but not quite. I knew one day I would come up with the a project for it, and today I may have gotten the right inspiration. It will be so much happier being out of the fabric bin.

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