Saturday night was Halloween. Our neighborhood has so many kids come through for trick or treats. We gave out over 150 pieces of candy!  After the rush was over, I went to a costume party as a bat. I made the costume from a long-sleeve black shirt and a couple of black umbrellas that were disassembled and sewn along the arms and sides of the shirt. It gets topped off with a cat-ear headband with the points of the ears squished down to be more round and bat-like and some black grease-paint on the nose.


It was a long night, so Sunday called for something that a tired brain could accomplish. These tealight snowmen will become ornaments or magnets. The LED tealights came in packs of two at the dollar store. The “flame” got a coat of orange paint to become the carrot nose, and the rest of the face is drawn on with a permanent marker. The strips of fabric used for the scarf were from the scrap bag. I really didn’t feel like setting up the ironing board for such a small project, then I remembered a friend had given me one of those hair-straightening irons. Running the crumpled strips through it pressed them quite nicely. I will be using this trick again for small ironing projects.