Pom pom

One of the many benefits of being crafty is you often also have crafty friends. Crafty friends who have different supplies than you might. I saw a project for a snowman wreath that requires making a whole bunch of white pom poms. I know there is a specialized tool for making these easily, but I didn’t want to buy one for a single project. At crochet class last night, since everyone there is a yarn-type person, I asked if anyone had a pom pom maker. I figured I could ask them to bring it to class the next week and I could steal a few moments whipping up a few of them.

My instructor had one of her pom pom makers with her (it’s the green and white thing in the photo), and gave me a quick demo on how to use it with some scrap cream-colored yarn. I tried it with the white yarn to make sure I knew how to use it, and  the tool has come home with me on loan for a week.

I also decided to make some more coasters from the pattern on The Green Dragonfly for Christmas gifts, and got three done except for sewing in the ends. Sometimes even in one day I find myself working on multiple projects.