It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I learned the night before Halloween is not called “Mischief Night” everywhere. October 30th, where I live, is Mischief Night. When I was a kid, this meant you might wake up to find a tree in your front yard had been festooned with toilet paper (or TP-ed), windows had been soaped or, when there were real hooligans about, pumpkins had been smashed.

These days, it is always a worry that things will escalate into real destruction.  When my husband had a horse, he always made sure he was in the barn on this night in case a prankster decided it would be fun to ride bareback…or open the gate to the stable and let all of the horses out.

I will be keeping these pumpkins inside on Mischief Night, just to be on the safe side. I decided to carve my pumpkins this year with power tools. A drill, to be precise. I usually go for a traditional face on my pumpkin, but was lured into the drilled ones I saw on Pinterest. Since it was a first attempt, I kept it fairly simple. These were done inside, so my kitchen and my shirt were covered with tiny bits of pumpkin.

Fun afternoon. These will go out on the front steps on Halloween during trick-or-treat.