Hat 2

Did you ever have one of those projects where you were just working along and then suddenly you were done? It was one of those Indian summer days, and I was sitting outside crocheting when I measured the hat around my head and it was big enough. A quick seam and some sewing and that pesky rectangle had become a hat.

Do you ever gauge your mood from a project you are working on? On Thursday, when I was working on this, the yarn was squeaking. This is a sure sign that I am tense and I was crocheting too tightly. I had to have a conversation with my husband about his father’s health when he got home and I know this was making me a bit stressed. On Friday, I was much more relaxed, and the yarn was quiet and soothing. Crafting is not just a type of therapy for me, it can also be used to give me an early warning that I am tense and need to relax.

This hat is the second one I made for Operation Gratitude. October seems to be the month for giving back.