Green hat progress

I have finally reached the point in this where I can see that it is getting bigger! I am supposed to make this rectangle about 19 inches long. Although I try to keep the tools I need near me when I am working on a project, sometimes I am in a place where a tape measure isn’t. I may have decided to work outside and I am too lazy to get up, or I might be trapped under a cat and the tape measure is just out of reach.

I’ve gotten pretty good at improvising, at least until I get near the very end and want to know a true length. Since this needs to be 19 inches, and a sheet of printer paper is 8 1/2 by 11 Inches, I’ve been using an old print out of a pattern that is sitting on the end table to gauge my progress. I figure one sheet horizontal plus one sheet vertical is 19 1/2 inches, which is just a little larger than I need.

Right now, it is one 11 inch sheet plus part of the 8 1/2 inch sheet, so only a few more inches to go. This method is definitely slower than the last hat I made, but the stitching is much denser so it should be nice and warm when it is done.