candle mat

It is late this year for me, but I have not started my Christmas preparations yet. My brother lived overseas for many years, and that got me in the habit of getting Christmas stuff done early since I had to post the box with gifts for his family in November.

On Friday, I went to a local craft fair.I like picking up gifts at craft fairs and supporting local artisans.  I found a few things to knock off the list, but more importantly, it got me in the holiday crafting mood.

As much as I want to deny that summer is over, the leaves are now all starting to change colors, and I need to step up the Christmas crafting. As if on cue, I saw this pattern and thought that it could make a good neighbor gift. (It would have a new candle in it if I were giving it as a gift.) I gave it a try, and, well, I am not in love with it. After I finished it, and set it to block, it did lead me down a Google rabbit hole of crochet patterns, so I may try a different version.