I know, the photo has nothing to do with crochet. Or leaves. Taking advantage of the nice weather, and finally having some time, my husband and got up at O’dark thirty and drove to the ocean to spend the day out on a fishing boat. This sign was right inside the cabin door.

Did you know there is a strong anti-banana superstition on boats? I’ve researched it in the past and no one is sure where it started.  Guesses Theories include the fact that banana peels can be slippery and you don’t want them to end up on deck or my favorite, that bananas float, and whenever a ship sunk, if i was carrying bananas, they would be floating above the spot leading people to draw the correlation between having them on board and the ship going down.

This means I have gotten good at finding trail mix that does not include any banana chips. I made the mistake once, and had to pick all of them out ahead of time.

But I did get a craft in. Lately, when I don’t have time to work on much, I’ve been crocheting leaves. Since I went on a flower binge last month, there is a need.  I haven’t been using patterns, just playing around. After I got home, and showered the fish smell off of me, I hooked up a new one that seems to be working. I hope I can remember how I did it. Good thing it was a small project because I believe I fell asleep on the sofa around 8:30. The early morning wake up call and a full day out in the sun caught up to me.