What a great day! I love being inspired by other people’s talent, and the quilt show I attended did not disappoint. My only complaint, if I can have one after spending hours examining incredible work, is that this year there was a lack of quilts done in traditional patterns, or any kind of showcase of vintage quilts.  But, I’ve found through the years, even if I don’t like a particular quilts style, there is usually something about it that I can appreciate.

I took tons of photos, but this quilt was my favorite.

blog quilt

A woman had decided that she wanted to blog, but did not want to write a blog. Instead, each day she embroidered something that she did that day.  This was such a fun 365 challenge, how could I not like it?  At the end of the year, she had a “blog quilt” of her year.  It was interesting to see items like “put up Christmas lights, then a row or two later “took down Christmas lights”.  Here is a close up of a section of it.

blog 1

And here is a whole-cloth quilt that wowed me.  It was done in Germany, and the feathers were all done by hand with out a template. And it is hand quilted. The stitches were perfect.


After the exhibit I hit the merchant mart.


I avoided adding any fabric to my stash, but I did pick up a couple of felt projects, some pre-cut felt circles to use for penny rugs, and a weaving kit for a scarf.  This booth had so many colors and kits it was hard to choose, but the shop is nearby in Lancaster so I put a visit there on my to-do list.  I may be the only person who goes to a quilt show and doesn’t buy any quilting supplies.

I still did a bit of crochet at night since I wasn’t sure if being this inspired counted as “doing something creative.”