Extended moss

Over the past week, variations of the moss stitch have been popping up whenever I have been online so I felt the crochet universe was pointing me towards it.  While I was googling patterns, I came across the extended moss stitch. I’d never done it before so decided to learn a new stitch.

When I try out new stitches, I usually do them in dishcloth form. It’s big enough to work through any learning curve, but small enough to not require the commitment to a long project. Plus, unlike just hooking up a swatch, I have something to use at the end of it. I got 5 rows into this one and decided that I did not really like the stitch. It was easy to do, it went quickly, but as I looked at it, I was just not feeling the love.

I cut my losses. SNIP with the scissors and ended this lesson. It is just the perfect size for a book mark though, so that is what it shall now be. I’m just going to do have to do something fringe-y with the ends.