I love offers of a gift with purchase. Recently my husband traded in some credit card points for a new fishing reel, and it came with the offer of a free waterproof fishing bag. When the bag arrived, it was made of waterproof material, but the top did not have anything to use to close it. No zipper, no snaps, it was just supposed to fold over. Since this bag will be going out on boats, and there are lots of waves that wash over the sides of boats, this made the bag somewhat less than waterproof.


The bag was held out to me with the question “Can you do something with this?” I was told it din’t need to be waterproof , just something that would allow the bag to be closed to provide some protection to what was inside.  I raided my craft stash and found I had some sew-on nylon velcro, but since the bag was lined with vinyl and pretty thick I did not want to risk trying to sew it on. After doing some online research, I found a flexible vinyl glue that also is supposed to work on nylon. I did this outside since the directions called for being in a well ventilated area. I’m also hoping I did not inadvertently glue the binder clips onto the bag itself. 🙂 It needs to cure for a day so I don’t know yet if it worked, but I’m hoping this crafty solution will make the bag usable.