Summer weekends always have more to do than time to do it, but in a good way. I managed to squeeze in some crochet time early in the morning each day before we hit the ground running.

I also remembered to charge up my camera battery before we headed out to the Tall Ships Festival at the Philadelphia waterfront. We went on Sunday since Saturday has very rainy weather, and apparently so did the rest of the city.  The crowds made it tough to navigate around, but I was glad so many people were interested in this history.

The ship I most wanted to see was the Hermione. It is a French reproduction of the ship that General Lafayette sailed in on his journey to America in 1780.  We were able to talk to some of the crew and their journey this year took two-and-a-half months.  It is amazing a trip to France now would be under 8 hours.

The hitches on the side of the ship reminded me of buttons. Very large buttons.

Tall Ships

We also got to see a “work in progress” in the Seaport Museum where a group of craftsmen are building a new wooden replica ship. It was in the skeleton phase which gave a neat view of how much work and assembly needs to be done. The museum keeps the workshop out in the open so we got to see a gentleman carving a 16-foot mast with an ax. That’s a lot of chopping but it keeps the skills from dying out and introduces new people to the craft of creating.