One of the things I like about watching CALs is seeing how different the projects look depending on the colors chosen.  Seeing the same pattern in earth tones, pastels, or brights not only give each piece a different look, they let those of us lurking and observing consider different palettes than what we might normally use.

When I started the blocks for the light summer afghan, I needed to make the decision we all face when starting a new project of choosing the colors for it. The past few months, my color choices have been decided by two things: what yarn I had in my stash or what colors I was selecting for the recipient of each piece. This was the first project this year where I would be buying new yarn and not planning to give away the final afghan.

I thought about keeping to a colorways, maybe turquoise, pale green and white, but in the end wanted it to be more patchwork-feeling so I am really stepping outside of what “goes” and using all different colors while keeping my fingers crossed that it will be colorful and fun and not a hot mess.

The photo shows the work so far. The purple square is done.  The green needs one more round. The bright pink is about 2/3 of the way finished and the turquoise is on deck for the next one. I’m not sure if I’ll keep to these four colors, or add more in if I see them. I’m buying the yarn when Michael’s sends me good coupons, so I’m limited with their selection. Since this will need a lot of squares, I’m curious to see if they will add new colors once the summer is over.