I am not someone who can make up patterns when I crochet. I am someone who loves the fact that other people have so much talent, and that I live in the internet age where I have easy access to their creativity. There are times when my comfort level is great enough that I can modify patterns, and that is what I did this weekend.

Saturday I was about to rip out the yarn I had used to make the trial run of the crocheted coaster.  I really like the bright pink and wanted to use it for something. Right as I was about to start, I decided to see if I could add a few rounds to it and turn it into a dishcloth.  My increases weren’t exactly right, so the edge has a bit of a wave to it, but it is usable and I am happy with it.

Sunday I picked up a project that had been sitting around on my to-do list for a little while.  I have a friend who was a teenager in the 1970s, and we had been joking last summer that she had never worn a crocheted bikini. I decided to make one for her. I got the yarn in April, found a pattern I thought would work in May, but have not had the inspiration to pick it up and attempt it.

So I finally gave it a go.  I was using a smaller gauge yarn then the pattern, so I took an existing swimsuit and kept comparing the size to figure out how large to make the triangles. I also changed the bottom edge a bit from the pattern since it was getting too big by the time it came to add some fancy rows. The top used almost a full skein of Patons Grace, and I used an F hook.

Now I need to find a simple pattern for the bottoms!