It was gloomy and overcast all day. I thought it would be a good change to do some crochet since the weather was on the cool side. When I did finally sit down, the sun came out. I popped outside to soak some up while crocheting, and the yarn mojo left me. I needed something to do. And wanted it to be a project I could do outside.

I seem to be on a coaster kick lately. I have a couple of packages of these round cork discs I got from Ikea. They were purchased for a specific project I saw Martha Stewart do involving beaded coasters. She made it look easy. I  did not and abandoned that project.  Through the years, I have found uses for these pieces of cork, so I’m gad I have them in my stash.

I was just playing around with these using painters tape and some gold acrylic paint. I’ll have to see how they hold up to a damp glass.