Summer weekends can get very busy for us, even when we don’t plan on it.  This weekend, we left very early on Saturday to see friends.  Although we expected to come home that night, we ended up staying over at their house so we could enjoy a late dinner and not have to worry about driving home in the middle of the night. They have a house at the beach, so a few more hours there on Sunday was also a good incentive.

Because I did not know what the day would bring on Saturday, I did a tiny little bit of crocheting before we left. I might be opposite of most people, but I am ALWAYS ready to go before my husband, so it helps to have a project I can pick up to keep me busy while he gets his last-minute things together.

We got home Sunday afternoon and had my Father-in-Law over for dinner. I was able to end the day putting in a few more rows on the Wildflower bag. Working on the project was like bookends to the weekend. In the past, I would have waited until the urge to work on something creative hit me. Now that I need to make time for it, I’ve found there are a lot of spaces in life where you can fit it in around all of the other business that sometimes takes over.