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This is the last post about the bag. I promise.

Since I decided this was not going to be a purse-type bag but more of a project-carrying-type bag, I wanted to make different handles.  I ended up modifying this pattern to make them a bit longer so it would be easy to carry over the shoulder. I also slip stitched the tubes around some cord to prevent them from stretching.

The making of the handles involved a bit of wrestling with yarn and hook to get some snug fits around the cord, but I am happy with the way they turned out.



Just a small side tangent/minor rant for a moment…I was working on a new handle for the blue bag and hit this knot in the skein. I know, I know, it is fairly common.  But then I realized that I had gotten 4 skeins of yarn all from the same dye lot, at the same store, at the same time, and every one of them had a knot in it. EVERY. ONE. OF. THEM.

Was it just luck of the draw?  Or does the universe think I need to weave in more ends?


I really wanted to stay on track with the Wildflower Shoulder Bag CAL. For the most part, I have.  While looking through the CAL Facebook page, I saw an idea for crocheted handles that I really want to try, but as they were not part of the original pattern, I’m considering myself on target. I may also go back and add a lining to the bag. People have been so creative with their idea for lining from using old jeans (built in interior pockets!), to pillowcases, to tote bags they had.

This was nice for summer because it was not a large, hot afghan and it was a 3-week project. Altogether a positive experience as the participants were all friendly, encouraging,  and willing to share knowledge and advice in a helpful way. I am also in awe of those who managed to get three bags done in the time it took me to do one.

6 rounds

We had a mini heat wave here the past few days. Mini in duration, not in temperatures. I normally don’t do anything with yarn when it is so hot, but I planted myself directly in front of the air conditioner, ripped out part of the round that was coming up wrong, and put in a few more rounds just to make sure the piece was still following the pattern. It is currently at 6 out of 10 rounds.

If this wasn’t a CAL, I would probably have stopped and defaulted to a rectangular base for the bag, but I’m persevering on this because it is teaching me how to make an oblong oval-ish shape. This could come in handy as I’ve been wanting to make a small crocheted rug sometime.

93 stitches

The base to the Wildflower Bag CAL has finally been started.  This round was supposed to end with 90 stitches. It has 93. With increases being in the even numbers, I can’t even begin to figure out where the extra ones came from.Sometimes it is better to set something aside and pick it up fresh in the morning.

part 2

This week I was determined to finish part 2 of the  Wildflower Bag CAL before the next section is released on Thursday. Success! This section of the pattern was much easier to do as it did not require constant counting the way the flower squares did.

I really like the way the rings for the strap are crocheted right into the piece. You can see them up at the top corners. It makes them feel very sturdy. The loop at the top center is a button hole loop. It is attached to the back side and the button will be on the front. I’m still trying to make a final decision on the buttons so I have not sewn them on yet.

Right now, the bag measures 15 1/2″ across by 11″ high (40cm x 27cm), so it is nice and roomy.  Perhaps a good project bag?


Summer weekends can get very busy for us, even when we don’t plan on it.  This weekend, we left very early on Saturday to see friends.  Although we expected to come home that night, we ended up staying over at their house so we could enjoy a late dinner and not have to worry about driving home in the middle of the night. They have a house at the beach, so a few more hours there on Sunday was also a good incentive.

Because I did not know what the day would bring on Saturday, I did a tiny little bit of crocheting before we left. I might be opposite of most people, but I am ALWAYS ready to go before my husband, so it helps to have a project I can pick up to keep me busy while he gets his last-minute things together.

We got home Sunday afternoon and had my Father-in-Law over for dinner. I was able to end the day putting in a few more rows on the Wildflower bag. Working on the project was like bookends to the weekend. In the past, I would have waited until the urge to work on something creative hit me. Now that I need to make time for it, I’ve found there are a lot of spaces in life where you can fit it in around all of the other business that sometimes takes over.

part 2

I’m plugging away with part 2 of the Wildflower CAL.  I am just amazed at how many people have finished each part within HOURS of it being released. I still have 10 more rows to go on this section, and I’m trying to take my time and enjoy the process. The rows I am working on now are a new stitch for me. It’s an easy one, and I really like the texture it provides. I know I will be using it in the future for a scarf or a baby blanket. It is nice to be able to work this part without having to pay as much attention. I know at the end of each row whether or not I got the stitches done correctly.

Also, as much as I was worried about the cats and my new stitch counter, I am the one who dropped it today on the ground and I think it added 2 rows to my count. Argh!  I set it back to where I think I was. Fortunately, an extra row won’t make too much of a difference in this section.


Whenever I have a fistful of good Joann’s coupons, but only need a couple of items, I sometimes use the extras to pick up things that have been on my wish list for a while. I got this a few weeks ago, but only broke it out of the packaging now to give it a try.

The part of the bag I am working on has a section with 20 rows crocheted continuously. There is one row near the end that will need to have the correct number of stitches because it involves attaching loops. I’m using my trusty bobby pin stitch marker on the first stitch of each row, and for the first time, have abandoned paper and pencil to make tick marks for the stitches. On this, you push the button at the top and it clicks a new number.

Five rows in and it is working so far. I like that it takes just one hand to click so I don’t t need to set down my hook. I do have a couple of concerns with it. The “reset” wheels are on the sides, and the click counter is on the top. When I pick it up to move it, I have accidentally hit the reset wheel and changed the row count. Now that I know it can happen, I will just be more careful. I’m also pretty sure I won’t be carrying it in a WIP bag, as the click counter could get pushed just from being jostled around with the skeins and stuff in it.

The other concern hasn’t happened yet. It involves the fact that I have a couple of cats. One of them in particular uses the tactic of pushing things off of the table next to me when she feels I am not paying her the proper attention. I’m worried that this will get swatted to the floor and add a click or two. I’ve learned to keep scissors off that table as they have plunged to the floor more than once, where the second cat is often sitting.

But all in all it is a neat little tool, just a little sensitive.

The next part of the Wildflower Bag CAL comes out on July 9, so I finished part 1 just under the wire. It has been strange for me to feel like I have to work on the same project every day. Usually, even with a big project, I will jump in and out of it if something suits me more on a given day. This week has been all about crocheting squares.

Part 1

These are the 6 completed squares. It was rainy, so the color is way off. Even with a flash I couldn’t get it to look turquoise.  I’ve added one of each of my possible button choices to see what might work. I am leaning toward either the lower right, or possibly no button at all. I am going to wait to make a decision until the bag is almost done to see if adding the body to it changes what I think. I can’t tell if it is going to end up looking fancy or casual. The cotton yarn makes me think it will be more on the causal-looking side.