I am a summer person. There are so many fun things that happen every summer and I look forward to them all year:outdoor music festivals, trips to the beach, eating corn on the cob,  and the used fabric sale fundraiser our local 4H holds.

Fabric, yarn, books and craft supplies are all there. Fabric is sorted around the walls of the room by fiber. There is everything from lame & tulle to cottons and denims. There are pillow trims, boxes of zippers, threads, scissors and elastics. There are bins of yarn being sold for $1-3 a skein. There are treasures if you poke deep enough into the hodge-podge boxes.

Each August I meet up with a friend and we hit the sale on the first night. Last night we filled our bags and our craft closets with new-to-us finds. She had the score of the night with 15 yards of Laura Ashley fabric on a roll for only $20. It’s the perfect backing for the quilt top she just finished, and probably 4 more as well. My big find was in the vintage fabric section. I bought a bag labeled “Lots of Napkins” for $1.50.  When I got it home, there were 27 linen napkins in it.

It may not say “summer” to most people, but it does to me.

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