For some reason, granny squares have intimidated me. I took a class in grannies several years ago, and while I was able to make them, I still shied away from any granny square pattern I saw. Maybe it is because I am left handed.  I can translate every other pattern easily, but I just kept getting all wound up when it came to these.


But sometimes you see a pattern that is just so cute, you have to try it.  I know I swore off dish cloths for a while, but this pattern pulled me back in.  I think it was the round of carrots that got me.

I have a granny square lap throw that my great grandmother made. It is one of the few items I own that I have deemed “too precious to use.” I also have  a bed-sized afghan from my grandmother that does get used, and has for years.  I remember her making all of the squares, using up the ends and bits from other projects. Each time I would visit her, I would lay them all out on the living room floor in different patterns.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but her comments about how to place the colors so that you didn’t have the same ones too near each other were my first lessons in design that would come back to me when I started quilting.

Someday, I may even start on my own granny-square afghan, and continue the legacy.