I woke up to this today.


And then it proceeded to snow for 10 more hours.  We got 8 inches (20 cm) of snow. In March. Sixteen days before the start of spring.  It was falling too steadily to even think about shoveling until late afternoon. And truth be told, I was hoping my neighbor with the snow blower would decided he needed to break out his toy at least once this winter.  (He did, and took that magic machine down the entire length of sidewalk past 4 houses and up our shared driveway leaving me with only our walkway to clear. )

After getting some business done in the morning, it seemed like the perfect day to hunker down and do some hooking.


This is the bag I started yesterday, and for some reason, it has worked up much faster than I thought. Maybe it was having 2 days with several hours to sit and work on it, maybe it was the stripes which left me feeling with a sense of accomplishment each time I changed color. I don’t know.

All that is left are the handles and weaving in many ends.  Each time I work on something striped, I swear that it will be the last time, but the stripes seem to call me…

There is a flower show in town this week, and tomorrow I may take the train into the city to see it and breathe in the scent of hyacinth. But today…today was a day to play with yarn. And make waffles for dinner.