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Kathys gift

After getting LOTS of sleep on Sunday night, I felt like a whole new person. I was able to finish off the coaster gift I started on Sunday.  These just need to be blocked, ironed, and starched and they are good to go.

I actually ended up making five of them, since I finished the first and realized I had gone up a needle size resulting in a loose, floppy, extra-large version. That one got ripped out and redone correctly.

The pattern for these can be found at The Green Dragonfly. I used Patons Grace yarn which is a 3 gauge mercerized cotton and an E/3.5mm hook. This is the second set of these I have made and I know it will not be the last.



One of the things I like about watching CALs is seeing how different the projects look depending on the colors chosen.  Seeing the same pattern in earth tones, pastels, or brights not only give each piece a different look, they let those of us lurking and observing consider different palettes than what we might normally use.

When I started the blocks for the light summer afghan, I needed to make the decision we all face when starting a new project of choosing the colors for it. The past few months, my color choices have been decided by two things: what yarn I had in my stash or what colors I was selecting for the recipient of each piece. This was the first project this year where I would be buying new yarn and not planning to give away the final afghan.

I thought about keeping to a colorways, maybe turquoise, pale green and white, but in the end wanted it to be more patchwork-feeling so I am really stepping outside of what “goes” and using all different colors while keeping my fingers crossed that it will be colorful and fun and not a hot mess.

The photo shows the work so far. The purple square is done.  The green needs one more round. The bright pink is about 2/3 of the way finished and the turquoise is on deck for the next one. I’m not sure if I’ll keep to these four colors, or add more in if I see them. I’m buying the yarn when Michael’s sends me good coupons, so I’m limited with their selection. Since this will need a lot of squares, I’m curious to see if they will add new colors once the summer is over.

Crocheting in the sun. I was able to do that both days this weekend. On Saturday it was warm enough to sit on the sun porch with the windows closed and bask in the sun and natural light while working with some spring-colored yarn. It was really the first day it warmed up enough to sit out there and I took full advantage with a cup of coffee by my side.


On Easter afternoon, before the family dinner my husband and I took a long walk in the local park.  It was the first day of trout season here in Pennsylvania, so when we were done, he threw his rod in “for 10 minutes” (translation, 45 minutes) and I parked myself on a bench and crocheted.  It was a windy day, and still cool enough for a fleece and a down vest.  But the sun was warm and the nice thing about this small skein is it fit into the pocket of my vest, so only a bit of it whipped around in the wind. When I saw the fishing rod was coming along, I am glad I had the thought to tuck it in there.

It was so good to be outdoors, and see so many families out together.  Fathers and sons were fishing, kites were being flown, and people were biking and walking in happy groups.  I think we were all glad to spend some time outdoors after the long cold snap we have had as winter refused to give way to spring.

More rows.  I can tell how much I did so far today because I had to join first thing.   Not too much but today was the day all of Christmas had to be taken down and boxed up in the house.  I have been working on this to put off starting a new project that will require counting. So much counting. Maybe tomorrow I will have something different.

I did shoot this photo with my iPad, but turned off the ott light.   It makes the color much truer.


Picked up an old project to add a few rows. I bought this yarn to make a scarf to donate. It is tough to make a crochet scarf that is not feminine. This it Paton’s classic wool, and I like the colored flecks in it.