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No,  I did not crochet these today. But today I finished all of them today, even if finishing just meant weaving in the ends.

Six infinity scarves made from Lion Brand Homespun were hooked in December, but not joined. Today I sat down and connected the ends and wove in the ends so now they are ready to give away. (I may keep one for myself.)  I love the infinity scarf double looped to make a warm cowl to wear during the day, and this yarn is soft and cozy.

The 2 smaller rectangles are dish clothes made from Lily Sugar and Cream. I’m not sure when I made the teal-colored one. It has been sitting around unfinished for a while.The more funky tie-die inspired one was made on Tuesday when i was out of the house and needed a mobile project to keep me busy.

So more large, plastic needle work today than crochet, But 8 more finished WiPs.


It feels like winter today. A few flurries this morning and a dampness in the air make it the kind of day to sit with some yarn and a cat.
This will be joined to make an infinity scarf. The last of 6 I am making from Lion Brand Homespun.

Now I need a new crochet project.