My father-in-law turned 86 on New Years Eve. He came to his country from Germany with his family after World War Two. He is the only boy, with 5 sisters. They traveled in a refugee boat, landed in the port of New Orleans and made their way up to New Jersey, where most of the family continues to live. Today we had 3 of his sisters over for a birthday celebration.

A rare smile, spending time with his sisters.

Happy birthday!

My FIL has Alzheimer’s, and while it is not to he point yet of his not recognizing people, it has certainly begun limiting what he is able to do. It used to be easier for us to take him to south Jersey to see all of them, but now, the trip and the time away from home, is too much.

With that, it is not always easy to arrange everyone’s schedule to make the trip to see us. I was glad they could all make it today. Preparations for their arrival began early. This left little time for creating anything other than a lunch for everyone and doing some last minute cleaning. I did manage to site for a short spell this morning once the food was on the oven and before they arrived and put a few rows into the grey alpaca scarf.

I love having people over, but as a classic introvert, it does leave me tired. It leaves all creatures in the house tired. The kitties were social, missed their afternoon naps, and now we are all spending time on the sofa recharging. Trudy opened her eyes long enough for a photo.

I am trying to nap here.

I am trying to nap here.