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Another quick and early one before heading out for the weekend. In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, a red felt rose pin. This one is guaranteed not to wilt after a few days.



Sandal bracelet

I had to create something quick and early today since we are headed out.

The leather braid and charm were salvaged from a pair of broken sandals. Even though the shoes were beyond repair, I liked the look of the decoration they had and saved it. I’ve never worked with this kind of clasp before. You need to glue the ends of the leather into it. Hopefully once it is fully dry it will be strong enough.

grey yarn

I don’t know if it is a regional thing, but around here, when there is a hint of snow in the forecast, everyone runs to the grocery store to buy up all the milk, eggs and bread. For some reason a snowstorm must make everyone crave french toast. There is snow predicted here Friday afternoon and Saturday, and the weather reporters must be desperate for some news because they are hyping it up and urging everyone to stock up. Predictions range from 3 inches to over a foot. I am assuming it will be on the smaller side after all of the hysterics going on.

With a full freezer and plenty of things in the pantry, I’m not worried about running out of food if we are snowbound for a day, but just to be on the safe side, I did make a quick trip to pick up a skein of yarn. It is silly, really. I have yarn in the house, and plenty of fabric, and, if I have to admit it, a 6-foot shelf of other assorted craft supplies. For whatever reason, I like to have a snowstorm project and even though I am working on two other WiPs already, I just needed that one more skein. It’s a brand I have not tried before called
‘Big Twist’, but it was the color I needed so I’m going to give it a try.

I may be alone in this need to stock up on craft supplies because the store was pretty empty, but the parking lot of the grocery store I passed was full of cars.


Carrot earings

I don’t know why, but when I was going through my Pinterest pages, this got me giggling. I had orange and green yarn out from the pumpkin I made last week and decided to give it a go. I’m all out of whack with my holidays it seems. I pulled out the wire, jump rings, glue gun and earring backs needed for this, and I have to admit, I kept giggling through the entire process.

They are not even, but I didn’t care. They are fun. I usually shy away from jewelry because I just can not get jump rings to work correctly, but sometimes a project just tickles me, and I need to try it anyway. So here you have it…lopsided carrot earrings. And they make me laugh every time I look at them.

Some Saturdays get busy.  Some Saturdays are filled with planting grass seed and unloading rocks and weeding garden beds. Some days you walk past things out of place and think “I should put that away” but don’t get to it the first time. Or the second….


On days like that, you might sometimes see a piece of silk cord  hanging out of a bin, and rather than put it away the 7th time you pass it, you pull it out, and decide it really needs to become a necklace. And if you are a hoarder of random craft items, you might be able to poke through another bin, and find an odd single earring that was given to you by a friend saying “I’ll bet you can do something with this.” And without any effort at all, you would then have a funky necklace.

While I dream of one day having an organized craft room, especially when I see photos of what other people have done,sometimes it is the thing that is out of pace, but in my line of sight that speaks up and says “Make something with me.”

Sunday involved a bit of travel to a graduation party. I brought along some crochet, but the car was full of people so I only got a few stitches in. It is hard to count and hold a conversation. 🙂 I’m trying to talk myself out of starting a new large project before I get through a few small things that are in progress, so it may be a good thing I did not have a big stretch of time to get myself involved in anything new.

It was a beautiful morning. a sit outside in the sun with your coffee kind of morning. But I couldn’t linger too long, I had a class to get to. The local arboretum was having a class on making resin jewelry using plants.  I’ve read many posts on using resin and it has always seemed a bit intimidating. More than a bit. There are a lot of things that can go wrong from incorrect measuring which would not allow the resin to harden, to cloudiness, to bubbles. I have seen some neat things made with resin and wanted to try, so taking a class seemed like a good way to determine whether it would be worth jumping in.


I used one of the bezels with no back.  You put a piece of clear packing tape across the back to supposedly prevent the resin from leaking out.  As you can probably see from the photo, my tape did not do the job well. I had a bunch of leakage, and have trimmed off most of it, but need to do some more work especially around the top to see if I can clean this up. The one flower also floated up and over the bezel, it was hard to keep those suckers submerged.   I went into the class with the idea that I wanted to learn the technique, and did not care so much if I liked what I made, so I am actually not bothered by the mistakes. The instructor had some samples of items she had made using molds, and I liked the look of those. If When I break down and buy some supplies to try this again, I’m going to go that route.

I am very lucky to live in an area that offers many different craft classes. It feeds into my need to keep trying new things.


I did not make this flower. Nope. I did not. But sometimes creativity can be found in re-purposing something that already exists.   It was made by my friend and crochet instructor at class this week. What I did do today, since she kindly gave it to me, was sew some felt onto the back, add a pin and make myself a spring-colored decoration for the down vest I STILL need to wear. The calendar may say spring, but the weather hasn’t caught on yet.

I love the bobble in the middle.  And it was a handy space to stuff in the ends so they did not have to be woven in.

I have a couple friends who have given me their grandmother’s button collections.  I also have the tin that was my own grandmother’s. Some of the buttons in there are beautiful, and I wonder when I look through them about the clothes they must have been on.  Many of them are strung on thread or wire to keep a set of like buttons together.

That generation knew the meaning of reusing things. My grandmother had a jar in her kitchen where she saved twist ties from bags. It is a habit I’ve picked up from her and I find myself unable to throw them away, but instead stash them in a mug that lives in a kitchen drawer.

Day 7 button necklace

These wires wrapped button pendants came from those old tins of buttons. (Instructions here: Some day I will take the time to sort them, have tins for each color, or pull out the fancy ones. But for now, when I have a project that needs buttons, I still take the time to sift through them all.  Small plain shirt buttons, rhinestone encrusted jet black buttons, random snaps or hooks and eyes, they each have a story, I just don’t know what the story is.