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Here’s another little something I pulled out of the craft room. I think I got the kit for 6 of these mittens at the AQS Quilt Show in March, so it has not been sitting around too long. The kit came with everything I needed except, oddly enough, a needle. I like embroidering designs on felt because the fabric seems to encourage a more folk-art style, which means I don’t worry as much about things like even stitches.  I had forgotten how much fun it can be to work with a needle and thread, and a small project like this lets you get a sense of accomplishment in no time.

The stitching got completed on the body of the mitten for 3 of the 6. I still need to cut out and attach some cuffs, embellish those, and then stitch the front to the back. It was a rainy day here, and that lent itself to sitting down with some needlework and the obligatory cat on my lap.


I got two of these little kits at the quilt show last week. I love pre-cut felt kits as the cutting of the felt is always so fiddly, especially if you need small pieces. I decided to try one, and it went together quickly, and looks pretty cute. I may try to make a larger version of this as a Christmas ornament. You can see by the penny that is there for scale that this will be better as a pin, which was how the kit was sold, or maybe a magnet or package decoration.

The odd thing about this kit was that there were no instructions. There was a photo of the finished piece, and a small slip of paper that showed how to make a half-dozen standard embroidery stitches, but that was it. Fortunately, it was pretty self explanatory, the layers of felt were joined together with the round metal paper fastener, a few stitches were made in the top layer of petals then some stitching around the outer edge.

While I am holding onto summer as long as I can, I can now say that I have started my Christmas crafting.


Recently, Ruthie’s Crafting Corner has a week of posts about both needle felting and wet felting. I’ve only done needle felting (or dry felting) and I have a bunch of wool roving and some dry-felting needles hanging around. One of the simplest projects you can do with this is to create needle-felted acorns.

The only hard part about his project is that you have to remember to look for acorn caps when it is not yet fall. If you wait until fall, the squirrels will have whisked all of the acorns away from any oak tree you may find, and you will walk around the bottom of them several times looking in vain the elusive caps and hoping that anyone watching you does not think you you (rather than the acorns) are nuts.  It has taken me a couple of years to finally remember to gather some acorns in the heat of the summer.

OK, perhaps I was wrong, the other hard part about this project is not sticking the barbed needle through your finger when you are working on the felting because the acorn bodies are so small, but with a little care…and by year three of trying, I can report that it is possible.

A bunch of these can be made up and put in a small dish, or you could make a pin out of them. If you are like me, you just give random ones to friends who think they are cute.

WInter wreath

It seems I have been in flower-making mode lately. I finally got time to actually make some flowers and then begin making them into something. This is the start of a winter wreath. Something to handg on the door when the Christmas decorations come down. I still need to pick up some embellishments, maybe add a leaf or two, but I like the way it is starting to look.

I made a quick trip to the craft store for the felt since I had a $5 off $15 coupon. The felt was under $5, but I was able to pick up some yarn and crochet hooks to make up the difference. 🙂  I have certain hook sizes that I use a lot, and they also wander off a lot.  I’m trying to learn to keep the hook with the project, so having duplicates of the common sizes is becoming a necessity. I also almost always buy Boye hooks ever since I learned that gauge can be different between the same size of a Bates and a Boye due to the thickness of the neck and handle of the two hooks. This way, if I do lose a hook mid-project, it should not cause any problems.

It felt funny working on something for winter when it is still very much summer weather here. But somehow working with the cool colors was a nice change. I still can’t bring myself to start Christmas crafting though.

Felt flower

Some days it is hard to work on something creative because of time. Other days, it is hard because of life.  This was one of those days when it seemed that every ounce of ambition had been drained from me. The good news is that my father-in-law is being discharged and is coming home Friday. He will be so much happier back in his own house with familiar surroundings and food he may actually eat. It has been a struggle getting enough nutrition into him since he does not like the food at the rehab facility. We are lucky if we can get him to eat the desserts they send up. Did you know they have a high-protein version of “ice cream”?  It is also somehow made so that it doesn’t melt like regular ice cream making it good for him and his swallowing issues.

Anyway, I’ve spent the last two days on the phone with various home health care agencies trying to get some home care set up for him and taking one meal a day to go over to the facility and make sure he was eating. By the time things were set with an aide who could come to the house, I was spent. I needed a quick craft that did not require my brain. Fortunately, I have a board on Pinterest where I save easy crafts.

This felt flower project was so quick, my glue gun did not even have enough time to heat up before I was done cutting and wrapping the felt and I had to stand and hold it or a few minutes until the glue was ready.  I used the instructions found on Sugar Bee Crafts. Felt is cut into a spiral and rolled up, and the beauty part of this is that it does not need to be cut perfectly as the uneven edges add to the overall look. It is secured with hot glue, so no sewing is required. While you could make felt or crochet leaves, I really cheated and ripped some leaves off of a branch of silk flowers then glued them to the bottom.

This project was simple, but actually nudged my creativity and I am thinking of making some of these in white and blue to create a post-Christmas winter wreath.

Here’s a second little felt bird to brighten February.

Day 19 bird mat

This one is made from a kit I bought at a quilt show. It was in the booth of a vendor that sold felt candle mats. This is a miniature-sized kit, and the fact that all the felt came pre-cut was a huge selling point for me.

Today I was having crafter’s block. Nothing seemed to motivate me to start.  I have a few projects that are really simple, but I want to save them for days when I know that I am going to have very little time for TAD. Back in January I was cleaning and trying to organize my craft supply shelves.  I kept one box to the side where I would put items I thought I could use during February for Thing-a-Day.  I took a look through it today and found some cut out felt shapes.

I cut these shapes out years ago. Years. I think it must have been on a craft weekend with some girlfriends. They were folded up in a piece of tin foil–probably the only thing I could find in the house we where were staying. I am sure I had high hopes for them. Most likely beautiful hand embroidery and some batting to give them dimension. I probably put them aside because I had not yet learned the trick to cutting felt, and the edges are certainly uneven on them.

But today they became a lopsided pair of little bird ornaments. Machine stitched no less. While I was sewing I remembered that a few days ago, I saw the first robins back in my neighborhood. A sign that spring will eventually be here.