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I tried a different TAD early this morning and it was a big craft fail. I had seen cute votive holders on Pinterest made out of old CDs and since I have several of those ancient AOL CDs they used to give you pretty much everywhere, I thought I’d try it.

This was the result:

Craft fail

Not the look I was going for

I suppose I could count it as my thing for the day, even if it is a horrible botched thing, but I still had time, so I made something else instead.  Raiding my stash of champagne corks, a tic tac toe game was created. The original post where I got the idea had the corks decorated as a snowman and reindeer inspired by the Frozen movie. I may be the last person in America who has not seen the movie, and decided  to just paint them in solid colors.

Tic tac toe

They do need a second coat of paint, but the cats got too curious and I figured if I tried today there would be purple paw prints all over my house.



Horse ornament

I don’t know how many of you use Pinterest, but I do to organize projects I want to try. Sometimes I’ll get a notice that one of my pins has been repinned. When that happens, my curiosity always makes me look to see what it was. Sometimes, it is a project I pinned a long time ago and have forgotten.

That was the case with this little horse ornament. I used some of the synthetic corks that I have in my stash, and a bamboo skewer cut into smaller pieces for the legs and neck. As I was working on it I realized two things. First, hot glue does not stick to synthetic cork the was it does to natural cork. And second, it would probably be nicer if I were to drill holes into the cork body and then insert the skewers rather than having the little gobs of hot glue show at the joins. This might also help with the hot glue not sticking to the synthetic cork issue.

What I ended up with is  an ornament that seems too fragile to withstand the test of time. (The one back leg is already a bit wobbly despite a second application of glue.) But…if I were to use natural cork and spend a few extra minutes to drill a few holes for the legs, I believe this could be a viable ornament. I am also thinking that using brown yarn for the tail, figuring out some antlers plus adding a tiny red pompom for a nose could result in a fairly passable Rudolph ornament.


It was gloomy and overcast all day. I thought it would be a good change to do some crochet since the weather was on the cool side. When I did finally sit down, the sun came out. I popped outside to soak some up while crocheting, and the yarn mojo left me. I needed something to do. And wanted it to be a project I could do outside.

I seem to be on a coaster kick lately. I have a couple of packages of these round cork discs I got from Ikea. They were purchased for a specific project I saw Martha Stewart do involving beaded coasters. She made it look easy. I  did not and abandoned that project.  Through the years, I have found uses for these pieces of cork, so I’m gad I have them in my stash.

I was just playing around with these using painters tape and some gold acrylic paint. I’ll have to see how they hold up to a damp glass.

There really need to be a few more of these in order to make up a proper chorus, but this little one is singing a solo right now.

Day 12 cork angel

Today is my father’s birthday, and I’ll be heading out the door over to my parents house in a little bit, so a simple project that only involved scissors and a glue gun fit the bill this morning.