I see these at craft shows all the time. Last year I actually put the call out to some friends to see if they had an album that was scratched and unplayable so I could try this. But last year February stayed cold the whole month, and I wanted to do it on a day I could open some windows since I didn’t know if it would smell, or have fumes. (It did not smell). Today it was going to be 45 degrees  (7c). Still chilly, but warm enough to open some windows for a bit, for safety.

Day 4

This was really easy to do. Instructions were found here: http://www.popsugar.com/home/DIY-Rockin-Vinyl-Record-Bowl-388078.  It took just 8 minutes to soften and a few more to form the shape. The sides are a bit wonky, but iti did end up in a basic bowl shape.

I also made some twee mason jar cheesecakes to take to a girls dinner tomorrow. I made sure to cook these first in case things went horribly wrong with a vinyl record in the oven.