I made this little blue bird today as a just-for-fun project.


Growing up, my mother had a small ceramic bluebird that we called the bluebird of happiness. So now, I mentally add the “of happiness” whenever I read about them.   Today was the first day the crocus were blooming. They are the first flowers that bloom around this area each spring, and they make me happy, so maybe there was a happy theme today.

I haven’t done much amigurumi before.  I do know that using a stitch marker is essential as you don’t have rows to rip out if you realize you made a mistake. I tried using regular circular stitch markers, then a safety pin and finally settled on a bobby pin.  It is easy to slip into and off of the stitch, but hold once you insert it and hangs down the outside of the piece out of the way.

I didn’t make this for any particular reason, or for a gift, but I have the feeling eventually the cats will find it and it will be repurposed as a cat toy. Seems that quite a few of my small crochet experiments end up that way,