Check (2)

We have been cleaning out my Father-in-Law’s house. He lived there for almost 50 years and saved everything. In two large file cabinets in the basement, there are canceled checks that date back from the 1960s.

This is one box full of them. One box of many, many boxes. It is from a shoe-store chain that does not even exist anymore, although at one time it was in every shopping mall around. Like the memory of shoe shopping this box brings, it has been interesting to look through some of the older canceled checks. A $3.00 birthday check for a niece or nephew,  a ridiculously small electric bill, donations to charities. In a way, the checks were like a timeline of my in law’s life.

They are all being shredded before being put out for recycling.  It seems odd, but it is strangely hard to do. It feels like erasing a record of their life.

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