I’ve been working through my yarn stash over the past year, and have gotten it down to a manageable size for storage. I have one bin for unusual yarns and one for more of the everyday type. What I haven’t made much of a dent on is my fabric stash.

Because I’ve been sewing much longer than I have been crocheting, it has had many more years to accumulate. I thought I had gotten it sorted and organized last year.

Over the weekend, we were tearing apart the house looking for a document we needed. It was one of those searches where you look in all the places it should be. Then you look in all of the places you might have tucked it. Then you relook in all the places it should be again. Finally, you go room by room looking in any possible place something could hide. This included opening kitchen cabinets, going through bins of off-season clothes, and searching every drawer and closet in the house.

In the back of the closet in my craft room I saw this large bag. I thought it was a bag of clothes that were slated for donation, but when I pulled it out, it was full of fabric. It took me a moment to remember that a friend had given it to me when she was purging her own fabric stash.

I need to pull it all out and sort it, and then…then I really need to maybe start sewing. Or get another bin.