Oil lamp

I save a lot of jars. They get used for a lot of storage, but there are always extra around to use for projects. I thought it would be fun to try to make an oil lamp out of one of them.

One problem in February…I don’t have any lamp oil, and I have to use only things I already have. After a quick search, I discovered that you can make them using olive oil, and one site even recommended scenting them with essential oils or with herbs.

Although we have had snow here, there are still some green branches on my rosemary.  The scent of rosemary is one of my favorites, so a few branches got clipped and added to the oil. I have a feeling the oil and herbs will need to sit a day or so to actually have any scent. I hope so anyway.  I also used some wick I had, but you could use any piece of cotton material. A thicker wick will provide more light if that is how you wanted to use these.