Peeps wreath

At the beginning of the year, I printed out one of those lists of 101 things you can get rid of in an attempt to get some focus on going through all the stuff that seems to have collected around here. It has made it much more manageable. Rather than looking at an entire room, I can focus on one type of item, like purses I no longer use, or VHS tapes we no longer have a way to play.

The stuffed chicks and bunnies went onto the donate pile. Then they came back out. I had the wreath form already covered with faux fur yarn from an old project that had been dismantled, and had been looking for a new use for it.

The chicks and bunnies are based on candies called peeps that are sold around Easter. They are marshmallow, covered with colored sugar and there is always a big debate about whether they are better eaten fresh, or allowed to get stale. These plush versions should stay fresh for a long while, and no one will be tempted to nibble on the wreath.