Candle holder

A couple of weeks ago, a friend surprised me with a trip to the local glass and pottery studio for my birthday. I’m at the point where I prefer experiences to physical gifts, but this outing resulted in both. This is my third fused glass piece, and I decided to try something a bit more daring and three dimensional.

This was interesting to design as the top of the flat glass plate becomes the outside of the candle holder. and the corners change perspective when they are folded up. Here’s what it looked like when I left it to be fired:


When I have made fused-glass items in the past, I always used clear glass. This time I used a mix of clear and opaque. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that the overlaps would show with the opaque glass since they always sort of blended together when using clear. You can see an example of this in the back top corner.  Opaque requires more precise cuts to match up the edges. Live and learn.

Despite that glitch, I love the shape and look of this and continue to be amazed at the fluid look glass can achieve.