One of the local arboretums offers a variety of classes ranging from cooking to horticulture. The spring catalog arrived in the mail on Tuesday, and I have already signed up for one of them.

This is where I took the class on resin casting last year, and I love the fact that the classes always incorporate natural materials. They do not always offer things of interest to me, but this term there are FOUR that caught my attention just from the Creative Expressions section.  My short list included:

Weaving with Natural Plant Materials: Using strips of natural fabric and dried plant materials. I can’t decide if this would create something beautiful, or end up looking like a big mess, but it is intriguing.

Indigo Dyeing: My first attempt at dyeing yarn was a few months ago. I have always loved indigo fabric and would like to learn how to dye using natural materials.

Flower Pounding: This hit my RADAR last year. It transfers the image of the flower onto cloth or paper by pounding it with a rock or hammer. And since the cold has finally hit here, the idea of a project with fresh flowers is pretty appealing.

Japanese Ink Painting: I am no artist, but I have always been fascinated with this style where a few brush strokes can produce the essence of an image.

Really, how do you choose from a list like this? And I didn’t even let myself consider any of the cooking or horticulture classes. But choose I did. And the winner (for now) is….Indigo Dyeing. The course is not until April, and I may end up deciding on at least one more, but starting today I can look forward to this.