Granny blanket

There is an aide who comes to my Father-in-Law’s house for several hours each day to help with his care. If any of you are dealing with home health support, you know that it can be a challenge to find the right agency and a caregiver that works out.  This woman is wonderful and we know how lucky we are to have her in his life.

The week before Christmas, she was in an accident and fortunately was not hurt. While they were checking her over at the hospital and doing blood work, she got the news that she is pregnant. While it is not the way you want to discover something like this, it gave her something positive on which to focus while she deals with insurance companies and the damage to her car.

I started a baby blanket for her using yellow yarn from my stash since it is too early to know if she will be having a boy or a girl. Using stash yarn, and not knowing how far it would go, I selected the granny afghan pattern figuring new colors could be added on without disrupting the pattern or running into dye-lot issues.  I’m trying to decide if I will complete this all in yellow, or take it to the point of adding a border, then waiting until the gender is revealed before adding pink or blue. It is about 24 inches (60cm) now.