2015 collage

Along with the blog, I kept a spreadsheet of all the projects I completed in 2015.  It is amazing how productive you can be when you do something, even a little something, every day. Here are some of the stats of my challenge year.

192 completed projects. I did not count sets of things individually, so a set of 4 coasters equaled 1 project.

97 of these were crochet. No surprise there. crochet is my go-to  craft when I don’t know what else to work on, or when I need something portable.

27 sewing projects. This was a surprise. I don’t feel as though I had my sewing machine out that often, but apparently, it did.

2 completed quilts, which I actually didn’t count as sewing projects.

3 weaving projects. This needs to improve. I bought my loom at the beginning of the year and it intimidated me for a while.

15 charity projects. I would like this number to go up in 2016.

Along the way there were also the following:

6 bags

3 pillows

17 scarves

8 wreaths

5 pieces of jewelry

39 miscellaneous craft projects, usually involving a glue gun

You would think after all of this, my stash would be almost depleted, but it is not. I need to concentrate on finishing a few long-time WiPs and doing some stash busting. And since the daily creative work has become a habit now, I’ve already started my next project. And I’m using what I already have for it.