My brother and sister and I have not lived on the same continent for  most of our adult lives. My sister lived in Cyprus for 11 years, and my brother has been in Saudi Arabia for the past several. This has made it hard to see them individually, and even harder to see them both together.

A few months ago, my brother started scheming to get all of us together at my parents’ house on a single day. That day finally happened. We gathered to celebrate my parents birthdays as it is the only time they would be here together, and my parents each have a milestone birthday coming up in the next month.

I did not get a lot of crochet done, but I was able to give my sister-in-law a quick lesson as she has been asked to teach someone else, and has never held a hook.

We were going through an old album of my grandmothers’ quilt projects and I came across this newspaper clipping from 1982. The article is about her quilting group, and the work they did each year to create a raffle quilt to help support the Wetlands Institute in New Jersey.  I remember as a child going with her to some of these meetings when the quilt was on the frame and everyone was gathered around working on it.

The album went to my Sister-in-Law since she is a prolific and accomplished quilter, but I had to snap a photo of the article. It was a good memory. I may not finish my current project by the end of the year, but spending time with family is a trade off I will take.