I tried to grow catnip. I did. I put it in a pot since I didn’t want it to take over, and I was not sure how the neighborhood cats would react to it, but it did not survive this summer. I do much better with things I can put right into the ground.  Because I was unable to harvest my own, I had to stop at the local pet supply store and purchase some in order to finish off the crocheted cat toys. Here’s the thing about buying catnip, it seems to come in two sizes–single serving and giant bag.

Since I found myself with quite a bit of extra catnip, I sewed up a few catnip pouches and filled them up.  I was planning to use some scrap fabric, but I have a panel of these printed cat squares and have never used them. I have really been trying to break the habit of holding on to fabric I like, rather than actually sew with it. These will get beaten up by the kitties, yes, but I’ll get to see and enjoy them until they have kicked and licked them to death. Besides, there are still 24 of the little squares left I did not use.  >^..^<