I don’t often click through to other suggested videos on YouTube when I am done watching one, but this time I am glad I did.  I had just watched a short video about the importance of creating things with your hands and there was a suggestion for a stick weaving video. I had not heard of this before, and the video was also short, so I took a few extra minutes to watch it.

I was intrigued, and wanted to try it, but was not about to go purchase a set of sticks. I thought about cutting up some dowels, but that seemed like it would be wasteful if I ended up using them once.  I was sure I had something in the house I could use.  I grabbed a handful of chopsticks that had come with take out meals and headed to the drill press.

To try it out, I used 4 sticks.  Yarn is threaded through holes at the bottom of the sticks and acts as the warp. As you weave, you push the finished part down the sticks and eventually onto the warp strands. I made a piece long enough to be a bracelet or a cuff  which meant I did not have to push the woven piece off of the sticks completely until I was done.


Off the loom

One problem I had was that the chopsticks are slightly tapered, and as I was apparently weaving tightly, it was a bit of a struggle to push the piece down over the wider part. Traditional weaving sticks are straight and look kind of like knitting needles without the cap, so this would not be an issue.

Normally when I get off course I get annoyed with myself, although it happens far too often. I’m glad I let myself get distracted today.


Final product