Project markers

One night several years ago, I was at an evening with my craft group. The host had invited her neighbor over. She does not craft, but she joined us for a glass of wine and conversation. At one point in the evening, we were all talking about the various projects we had going on.  “Why don’t you just finish one project before starting another?” she asked. The room went silent and we all looked at her with confused expressions on our faces.

I always have multiple projects going at once. And not even multiples like one sewing, one crochet and one embroidery. Often there are multiples under each crafting category. My biggest problem with multiple crochet projects is the hook occasionally wanders off. It is frustrating to finally get back to a WiP and not remember if you were using an H, I or J hook. I saw a fancy set of these project/hook markers over the summer and have wanted to make them ever since.

Because I was just making these for me, I went with a utilitarian design. They are made with a lobster-claw jewelry clasp, a fishing connector (which I used because the jump rings I have were not cooperating today. I really need to get some split-ring jump rings) and a letter charm.

The clasp is attached to the bottom of your project, and will be a reminder of which hook you had been using.  I had 6 of the clasps in the house, so I used the letters for the hooks I most commonly use. I can see a need for multiple of some of the letters (H, I, J for example).  With a prettier charm and some beads added (and without using fishing supplies) these would be a nice and practical gift for a crocheter.