Cat bulb

Each year, the cats get a few new toys for Christmas. We could probably just provide some crumpled up wrapping paper and boxes and that would kitty heaven.

Missy’s Craft Mess made a cute crocheted Christmas light cat toy last week, and that was my inspiration for trying it.

This was made to figure out the pattern, and since it is still a bit before Christmas, it does not have any catnip in it, just fiberfill. I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream for the bulb, and some leftover Paton’s Metallic for the base.  The metallic yarn is soft and pretty, but I found it to be very snaggy when I used it to make a bag. Each time it snagged, it either got fuzzy looking or the black core of the yarn poked through. Since cat toys are meant to be beaten up, this won’t matter and seemed like a good way to use some of it up.