snowflake clothespin

While snowmen make up the bulk of my Christmas decorations, I also like to use snowflakes. It is rare we have a white Christmas, and this brings a little bit of the “dashing through the snow” vibe into the house. Because there were  two sizes of the spring clothespins in the house, I tried out three different designs.

These could be painted white, but I kept them with the natural look. I added glitter to the small one although it is hard to see in the photo, and like that effect too.  The small size is the more traditional tree-ornament size and the glitter will catch the lights nicely. The large ones will probably end up hanging in some windows.

Because I hate waste, I did a quick search for what to do with the removed springs. I don’t have enough loose beads to do the necklace slider justice, the entire bar section should be covered, but the star ornament worked out nicely. There is enough tension in it to hold the shape pretty firmly even when hanging.