Yarn chain

This was so quick to stitch up!  Finishing  just a few links each night resulted in a chain long enough to use either on the mantel, or across a window in no time. I’d love to make one for the tree, but that may be a multi-year project. The pattern and inspiration came from The Twisted Yarn. Check out her other cute knit and crochet Christmas projects too.

While I do like the two colors together, it really needs at least three. With two colors, each cream chain faces the same way, as does each red one. When you look straight at it, you see primarily one color. Three or more would allow different colors to show from any angle. I joined each as I went in order to crochet them together, and stitched in the ends once a day with whatever I had finished the day before. That kept it from being set aside and becoming another WiP at the prospect of weaving in all the ends at one time.

One of these days now I need to start actually decorating with all these Christmas-y things.