The hospice program at one of my local hospitals collects afghans to give to their patients. Unlike any other program around here, they give you the yarn to use. The last time I made one of these the colors were blue, red and white. Even though we were told not to make anything that looked like the American flag, it felt very flag-like to me.

A friend of mine works next door to the hospice and she also makes these afghans. She picked up yarn for me the last time she dropped one off, and left it on her porch for me to retrieve on Saturday. These purples and greens are so much prettier.

While the type of yarn they provide is my least favorite to use, it was still a delight to open the bag and find so many skeins. I can’t wait to start looking at patterns and making some decisions there.

I’m not going to start this just yet. It will be a nice winter project though. I worked on some other crochet today and took advantage of the sunny weather to hang the outdoor Christmas lights. I’m not ready to turn them on yet, but it was better to do it when the weather was mild than wait and possibly hit a cold snap.