Yarn strips

Sometimes I see a project that I want to try, click through to the instructions and realize it is a knitted pattern, and I can not knit. The Twisted Yarn provided an excellent round up of Christmas Decorations this week. Even more excellent is that she included instructions for both a knit and crochet version of many of them.

Two of them struck my fancy, and I’ve started making the crocheted paper chain garland. Paper chains bring back memories for me of elementary school and trying to get the chains to stick together using paste. It was always a challenge to keep the chains from popping apart. It was also a challenge transporting them home from school with out getting them crushed. They are not the kind of decoration you can easily store from year to year either for the same reasons.

The yarn version however will be firmly stitched together, and should store nicely. Each link in the chain is quick to make, and is also easy to put down and pick up. It’s the perfect fill-in project for this busy time of year when interruptions and full schedules seem to abound.