Snowman ornament

Since I did two days of felt ornaments, I decided to keep going with it and make one more. This time I raided the button tin for a pair of snowmen (snow people?) on an ornament.

When I was going through my buttons for the wildflower bag, I tried to put most of the white buttons into one tin. They are usually small shirt buttons and there are always so many of them in old collections. I realized today that while they might all technically have once been white, they have aged over the years to various shades of cream, tan, and ivory. It was a challenge to find a large 4-hole button and a small 2-hole button that were similar shades of not-quite-white and even more of a challenge to find 2 of each.

Also, do you see the snowflakes? FRENCH KNOTS. In the past I would have stitched little asterisks in place of the french knots, but this time, I charged ahead with confidence. I’m allowing myself to be mighty pleased with this turn of events.

The pattern and instructions are from  Cutesy Crafts blog.