Felt tree

I love the folk-art look of felt ornaments, but I don’t always have the patience to carefully cut out shapes in felt. Because they are most often done with raw edges, I can’t count on bobbles and jagged bits to get hidden in a seam.

This little ornament was able to be done with a rotary cutter, solving my poor-scissor-skill problem. To give you an idea of the scale, the largest green square is 1-1/2″/about 4 cm large, and the whole tree took less than one half a piece of felt.  I used this pattern, but did not have brown felt, or feel like cutting out circles for the base, so I used black squares instead.

Somewhere in my craft room is a small pack of star-shaped buttons. Sadly, it is not in one of my button tins where it belongs.  If When I unearth them, I will add one to the top. I really need to get better at putting things back in their proper place right away.